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Twin Rivers is a deed restricted community located in Oviedo, Florida. The Twin Rivers Homeowners Association is a non-profit organization of homeowners dedicated to preserving the character and excellence in design of our community.

This site serves as a repository of documents describing to these responsibilities as well as a portal of current information about the community.

March 12 Annual Meeting Results 

Thank you very much to all HOA Members that took the time to attend the Annual Meeting or to provide a proxy to participate in the Board Member election.
Approximately 45 HOA Members attended and approximately 200 participated by submitting proxies.  Although the number fell short of the approximately 330 participants needed to achieve a quorum, the meeting was VERY productive.

Election of Board Members
When it was clear that a quorum was not present or represented by proxies, the HOA Members in attendance discussed two Options:
    1.       Continue the meeting until another date and canvas the neighborhood to obtain more proxies and thereby achieve a quorum, or
     2.       Conduct a Straw Poll using the normal voting process, after a commitment from 6 of the 7 Board Members to abide by that Straw Poll in order to elect new Board Members at the March 19 regular Board of Directors meeting.

Option 2 was chosen by consensus.
Our By-Laws provide that if a quorum is not achieved, the expiring terms of the Board members may roll over into a new 3 year term if the Board Member chooses to continue to serve.  The Straw Poll was appropriate because the two Board members whose terms were expiring took the following positions. 
Ø  Gobie chose to step aside so someone else could serve on the Board (but, we are VERY pleased to report that Gobie will continue to Chair a Community Appearance Committee and thereby continue to manage our landscaping efforts and oversee enforcement by Sentry Management of HOA appearance related rules), and
 Ø  Sonny agreed to abide by the results of the Straw Poll and resign if the HOA Members did not elect him to continue serving.
 We had three great candidates this year, but the straw vote count was over 200 votes each for Sonny Messer and Wils Bell versus approximately 35 votes for Tom Petrillo.  We plan to ask Tom to serve on committees this year and then it may work out for him to serve on the Board at a later time.
So, based on the commitment of the majority of Board members to abide by the Straw Poll count, we expect that Sonny Messer and Wils Bell will be elected by the Board as new Board Members at its March 19 meeting.   
Update Regarding the Golf Course and Other Important Information Presented 
While the votes were being counted, the Board covered a wide range of topics of interest to the HOA Members, including:
Ø  Status of the Golf Course Development Issue
Ø  Financial status of the HOA
Ø  Highlights from the March 10 State of Oviedo presentation by our City officials
Ø  Status of Landscaping Improvements and Issues
Ø  Status of Applications to the Architectural Review Committee
With regard to the golf course, the fundamentals of the report were that UCF has determined:
     1.       The acquisition of the golf course would be extremely positive for UCF, the Twin Rivers community, the other communities along Lockwood, and all of the City of Oviedo,
     2.       The acquisition cannot be funded from the university’s budget,
     3.       To seek donor support for the acquisition through various UCF foundations and support groups, and
     4.       Assuming the sources of funds can be identified, proceed to develop an acquisition offer working collaboratively with the City of Oviedo and the community.

NOTICE: Proposed new development at Twin Rivers Golf Club:

University Golf has submitted a proposal to the City of Oviedo!

These plans include:
  • Construction of 186 single family homes that would be accessed from Ekana Drive
  • Construction of 112 town homes that would be accessed from Lockwood
  • Adding a traffic light on Lockwood Blvd either at Ekana Drive or at the entrance to the Oviedo Recreation Complex.
The Twin Rivers HOA board believes that this new housing development and the resulting changes to the golf course would have a major negative impact on the City of Oviedo, the Twin Rivers community, and all other communities along Lockwood Blvd.

Please visit the Golf Course News section to learn more about this proposed development and what you can do to get involved.

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