Please join the over 700 Twin Rivers HOA Members

that have already provided their email addresses to us.

How we will use your email address?  To provide you:

  • Information about monthly Board meetings – agendas – motions passed – minutes
  • Information about Annual and Special HOA Member meetings – Plans, Agendas, Proxies
  • Updates regarding the golf course and other important matters
  • Alerts when we learn of an potential threat you may need to be concerned about
    • Like Bears or Break-ins
    • Other helpful information

What will not be done with your email address? 

  • Your email address cannot be used for official notifications required under our HOA documents
    • Annual or Special HOA Member Meeting notices,
    • Dues statements,
    • Collections letters, or
    • Rule enforcement notices
    • Your email address will not be sold, released or distributed to other parties.

What if you decide you no longer want to receive emails from the HOA? 

Each email you receive will include a link that will allow you to unsubscribe at any time.  Just click the link and our system will automatically block any further emails from being sent to you.  Only you can add your email address back to the active list.

How do I send my email address to the HOA? 

Just fill in the info below or email the following info to this address:

  • Your Name_____________________________________________________________________
  • Address of your Twin Rivers Property________________________________________________
  • Email Address___________________________________________________________________

Or, just go to the following site to enter your info directly:

What if you do not use the computer? 

Fill in the form below and mail it back to Sentry Management.  We will put you on a special mailing list so we can send you some of the most important material we are distributing by email.

  • Name: ________________________________________________________________________
  • Address of your Twin Rivers Property: _______________________________________________

Thanks, Your Twin Rivers HOA Board of Directors

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