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Update regarding the Golf Course 8/20/15
There has been significant activity during the past month in trying to develop a solution to the issues surrounding the golf course that have been a key activity of the Board since March 2014.    Attached is a copy of the material handed out at the August 13, 2015 BOD meeting.  We spent almost an hour on this topic and enjoyed great dialogue with the HOA members present.      

At the August meeting the Board passed a motion to increase the funding level to $50,000 for the committee’s efforts to work toward a solution to the golf course matter. 

We are nearing a point where we will need the HOA Members to become more active again in supporting the HOA’s efforts to oppose development of a portion of the golf course or to support a more positive solution. 

Breaking News 10/4/2014 - Rezoning Application Withdrawn

As a follow-up to yesterday’s email, we now have confirmation that the golf course owner has withdrawn the Rezoning Application for the development of the Twin Rivers golf course.
The short term implications of the Application being withdrawn are:
  1. There will be no need for the City Council to consider the proposed resolution that is on the Oct 6 City Council Meeting agenda.
  2. There also would be no purpose in a hearing before the City Council on Oct 20 as to whether the application complies with the City’s Comprehensive Plan 
The longer term implications are less clear.  It is possible that at least the following scenarios could occur:
  1. The golf course owner could work productively to sell the golf course for a price that reflects its value as a golf course, rather than developable land;
  2. A new rezoning application with a modified development plan could be submitted for the City’s consideration; or
  3. There could be an effort to pressure the community and City Council to consider some form of development through further threats or actions having to do with closing the golf course, even though if managed well the golf course as is can produce a significant operating profit.
The one constant throughout all of this process has been and remains that the golf course owner bought a golf course, not land available for development.  The property rights of the Twin Rivers HOA and its Members and the existing ordinances that protect our community and the Econ River system should be respected.  Development of any portion of the existing golf course property would be contrary to those priorities and should not be acceptable to our community.
We hope that the golf course owner will proceed along the first course listed above – work productively to sell the golf course at a reasonable price.  We believe that can be done at a price that is beneficial to the existing owners.  We stand ready to have a positive impact on that process.
However, please do not be surprised or discouraged if the golf course owner proceeds along another more difficult course in an effort to increase the sales price of the property.  We may still have a long way to go to effectively protect ourselves and our community from the damage that would be done to all if the golf course were to be developed.

Breaking News   10/3/2014
re: Rezoning Application and Oct 6 City Council Resolution

We are receiving word that the golf course owner plans to withdraw the Rezoning Application yet today or on Monday.
If the application is withdrawn, we do not expect there would be a need for the City Council to consider the proposed resolution that is on the Oct 6 City Council Meeting agenda.  (See our emails from earlier this week for more info.)
If the application is withdrawn, there also would be no purpose in a hearing before the City Council on Oct 20 as to whether the application complies with the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
We will know for sure whether the Rezoning Application has been withdrawn sometime on Monday.  For those of you planning to attend the Oct 6 City Council meeting Monday night, please check your email for further updates before heading to the Council meeting.  We will update you with the latest information no later than Monday afternoon.

Update 10/1/2014
Proposed October 20 Hearing regarding the Golf Course Rezoning Application

We very recently learned that on October 6 a Resolution will be considered by the Oviedo City Council to schedule a hearing on October 20 to address LIMITED legal questions regarding the proposed Rezoning Application for the Twin Rivers Golf course property.
The question of whether to approve the Rezoning Application would NOT be addressed at the Oct 20 hearing.
Below is a summary of the proposed Resolution.  The entire text of the Proposed Resolution is attached.  Keep in mind, the attached is a DRAFT that could change before or during the Oct 6 City Council meeting.
1.  At its Oct 6 City Council Meeting, the City of Oviedo intends to consider a resolution to:
      a. suspend all further processing of the golf course owner’s Rezoning Application until the proposal is found to be consistent with the City’sComprehensive Plan; and
      b. have a hearing on Oct 20 to determine if the Golf Course owners’ Rezoning Application is in compliance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan
2.The Resolution provides for written legal argument regarding the above question to be submitted on or before Oct 13.
3.The following process is proposed in the Resolution for the Oct 20 hearing:
     a. The GC owner’s legal counsel has 15 minutes to present initial argument,
     b. Legal counsel of community groups, like the Twin Rivers HOA, would then have 15 minutes to present legal argument,
     c. Individual community members would have 3 minutes each to present legal argument, and
     d. The GC owner or its attorney would then have 5 minutes to rebut legal arguments made by others.
The City Council would then deliberate and make a decision.
One of two outcomes are expected from the Oct 20 hearing:
1. If the Rezoning Application is found to conflict with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the City’s process of considering the Rezoning Application will remain suspended.
2. If the Rezoning Application is found to comply with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the process of considering the Rezoning Application will resume.
Again, the question of whether to approve the Rezoning Application would NOT be addressed at the Oct 20 hearing.
Our Action Plan
1. We will monitor consideration and changes to the proposed resolution before and during the October 6 City Council Meeting.
2. Scott Clark, the attorney representing our Twin Rivers HOA, will submit written arguments by the October 13 deadline.
3. Scott Clark also will plan to present oral arguments during the October 20 hearing.
4. We will want a good showing of concerned HOA Members at the Oct 20 hearing, within the limits of the room to allow seating.

Subject:  Updates re the Golf Course and Results of the 9/25/2014 Special Board Meeting

Many thanks to everyone that attended the Special HOA Board Meeting held on Thursday night 9/25.  We estimate that approximately 50 HOA members were in attendance.  Community participation helps make the Board meetings far more effective.  It helps the Board to fully understand and represent the Community’s views. 
Motions Passed at the 9/25/2014  Special Board Meeting
On September 15, the golf course owner’s application for rezoning moved from the sufficiency review phase to the compliance review phase of consideration.  The compliance review phase currently extends until October 13th, but this phase could be extended. 

During the 9/25 Special Board meeting, the Board unanimously passed 6 motions.  One Board member, Jim Ellerbe, was out of town and therefore unable to attend.
The motions provided for:
1.Our attorney, Scott Clark, to take steps to assert certain HOA and HOA Member property rights that conflict with the golf course owner’s application,
2.The petition opposing the rezoning and development of the golf course to be submitted to the City of Oviedo,
3.Our attorney to further evaluate issues with the golf course owner’s application and submit comments and objections to the City,
4.Our attorney to engage other professionals when necessary and appropriate to assist with evaluating and opposing the golf course owner’s application,
5.An increase in the budget allocated to the opposition effort from $10,000 to $20,000 ($7,003 had been spent through August.  The HOA Members have authorized the Board to expend up to $50,000 for this purpose.), and
6.Board Member Ann Blacketer to serve with Board members John Painter and Bob White and HOA member Jim Schiflett on the team managing the efforts of our attorney and other consultants.  Ann replaces Robert Rhodes on the management team.  The Board also provided for Board member Sonny Messer to serve as an alternate team member if one of the other Board members is unavailable.
Golf Course Proposal Update 9/22/2014

Recently, the golf course owner filed additional documents required by the City of Oviedo related to traffic counts and environmental impacts of the proposed rezoning.  As of this date, the proposed plan for the new development has not been changed from the plan submitted in March 2014.   On September 15, the golf course owner’s application for rezoning moved from the sufficiency review phase to the compliance review phase of consideration.  The compliance review phase extends until October 13th
The rezoning application was submitted to allow development of approximately 300 homes and townhomes on a portion of the golf course.  The original proposal calls for the following areas to be developed into housing: holes 1, 8, 9 and 18, parts of holes 6 and 7, the club house and parking lot, and the driving range/practice facility.
Residents of Twin Rivers and surrounding communities are very concerned that the development would adversely impact our environment, animal and bird habitats, community atmosphere, traffic, schools, and the potential for flooding along the Big and Little Econ Rivers.  The proposal to build townhomes on a portion of the property is completely inconsistent with the current nature of our community.  Finally, the redesign of the golf course to free up land for the development, would make the golf course far less desirable and more likely to fail financially.  As a result, the proposed development is very negative for everyone in the area.
Our research finds the proposed development to be inconsistent with current ordinances, the original PUD, and TRHOA and TRHOA Member property rights.

NOTICE: Proposed new development at Twin Rivers Golf Club:
University Golf has submitted a proposal to the City of Oviedo

University Golf, owners of the Twin Rivers Golf Club, is requesting an amendment to the original PUD reflecting the new development which was presented at the January 9, 2014 HOA Board meeting. The essence of the request is a zoning change for development and building of 112 townhomes and 186 single family homes (shown in rendering here: PDF and JPG). The single family lots are shown as having a typical lot width of 60 feet and with buffers from Lockwood Blvd. and Ekana Dr. of 35 feet. It also shows access from Ekana and a new entrance off Lockwood. No further engineering-level details for the housing development have been provided in the request.

While the drawing here shows a change in the golf course – new location of club house and driving range – the request currently before the city does not include the zoning change for the course. However, what we learned at the recent HOA meeting is for the course to be reduced from 183 acres to 112 acres, and ownership turned over to the city.

The Twin Rivers HOA Board believes that this new housing development and the resulting changes to the golf course would have a major negative impact on the City of Oviedo, the Twin Rivers community, and all other communities along Lockwood Blvd.

The changes being proposed will involve a multi-step process. In response, our HOA through the new Twin Rivers Residents Action Committee has started a variety of initiatives. Learn about them at the HOA Board meetings, from our website, and from our email blasts.

Contact City of Oviedo Council members with your input.

email the board with your name, email address, phone number, and physical address if you would like to be notified as more information becomes available.

Contact the Golf Group and Mattamy Homes with your concerns. 

Twin Rivers Golf Course Proposal
(Project 14-0095) Status Report #1
Many of you have requested the status of the Twin Rivers PUD amendment request, Project Number 14-0095, that was submitted to the city on Friday, 14 March.  The process chart (attachment 1) is intended to inform you of the overall process, not to identify every nuance of each review.  We will keep you informed as the proposal wends its way through the process.

The City of Oviedo has not accepted the developer's initial proposal to amend the 1987 PUD in the first iteration of its "sufficiency" review, but, instead, has asked for more information (see attachment 2). The sufficiency review checks for presence of the necessary components of the package and other administrative details, not for the quality of the components. That will come in the compliance review(s).

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